Centro de Terapia Antroposófica

Strengthen the life forces in light, air, sun and sea ...

The Therapy-, Vacation- and Cultural-Centre on the sunny volcanic island of Lanzarote - where you can enjoy the mild climate and abundant sunshine the whole year long.

At the Centro you can simply enjoy a holiday, you can take part in the numerous cultural activities and / or according to your needs, take advantage of the medical treatments on offer - in all cases, you can be assured that you have selected an ideal location.

Sunshine and warmth make Lanzarote an ideal place the whole year round for guests who are seeking recuperation and convalescence or simply want a relaxing holiday.

Thanks to the fresh trade winds, the summer temperatures only seldom rise above 32° Centigrade (90 Fahrenheit). In the winter months, due to the position of the sun, (28 degrees latitude) the temperature climbs to around 20° Centigrade (68 Fahrenheit). Hence it is possible to enjoy spring weather and swim in the sea even during the winter months. In February and March the wild plants become green and blossom almost as far as the peaks of the volcanic mountains.

The sub tropically planted complex, lies only about 800m from golden sandy beaches. The beaches in Puerto del Carmen are wide, flat, and safe for children. The rocky coast can easily be reached on foot in about 20 minutes.

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